Zante Holidays

One of the most popular of the Greek Ionian Islands, Zante, also known as Zakynthos, is a harmonious destination that appeals to an assortment of holidaymakers. Primarily known as a location for thirsty tourists on 18-30 jaunts, Zante holidays offer a surprising amount of options for couples and families alike.

There are resorts tailored to everyone’s needs, regardless of age or desire, on an island that – but for three buildings – was completely destroyed by a series of Earthquakes in 1953. Laganas is a great location for partying a week away with your mates and like-minded revellers, Kalamaki is perfect for couples seeking relaxation close to the action while Alykanas is ideal for a week or two of beachside tranquillity. With sunshine and beaches aplenty, Zante is a paradisiacal location for your cheap Greece holidays.

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Laganas Nightlife

Zante holidays are known for the lively nightlife created by carousing tourists. The best spot on the island for experiencing this is Laganas. You don’t have to be on an 18-30 all inclusive holiday with a group of mates to have a good time, there are plenty of bars and clubs for every visitor, offering drink deals that’ll please your wallet and quench your thirst in equal measures. To experience just why Laganas is thought of so highly as a go-to destination for revellers every year, get yourself into the 1,200 capacity Rescue Club.

Shipwreck Beach

The image of Shipwreck Beach is synonymous with cheap Zante holidays. The shipwreck for which the beach is named is reportedly that of a smuggler’s ship that was cast ashore in bad weather, with the Greek navy in pursuit. Accessible only by boat, Shipwreck Beach is an isolated cove that’s characterised by the towering cliffs that surround its pristine white sands. In the gorgeous Greece weather the mesmerising, crystal clear waters are warm and as inviting for a dip as you’re ever likely to experience.

Splash Fun Water Park

Located in Tsilivi, the Splash Fun Water Park is a reasonably new attraction that’s one of the most highly rated water parks in Europe. Fun for both family Zante holidays and friends, what the park lacks in space it makes up for in slides. If slides aren’t to your taste, there’s a lazy river for you to drift down as you bask in the sunshine. The park is just a short distance from the Tsilivi, so you needn’t worry about having to adhere to coach pick up and drop off schedules.

Venetian Castle

The Venetian Castle is found on the outskirts of Zante Town, on Bohali Hill. Built on what was once the location of an acropolis, the castle was built in 1480. Over the years the castle was subject to rebuilding, most notably after invading Turks destroyed part of it in the early 1500s, but for the most part stood proudly until the devastating earthquakes of 1953. The castle has never been rebuilt and its remains serve as a reminder of the quakes’ devastation, the history of the island and afford spectacular views of Ionian Sea.

The Blue Caves

A must visit for every visitor who isn’t in Zante to binge drink (and even some of the more cultural of them); the Blue Caves get their name from the vibrant blue colour that reflects on their walls from the sea. There are plenty of ways to experience the caves, with diving and by boat being the most popular. The white stone of the cliffs and their peculiar formation are intriguing enough but it’s the reflection of the water as you enter the natural coves that make visiting such special a special experience.

Essential info

  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: Greek
  • Visa: N/A
  • Vaccinations: N/A
  • Dress code: N/A
  • Important numbers: Embassy: 020 7313 5609, Tourist Office: 020 7495 9300
  • Other info: N/A


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